To create these “work-around” pages we created our own custom post types using the plug in PODS. This lets us create any type of input data with virtually any field then call, sort and list the data using WordPress’ built in PHP functions.

For example we created a custom WordPress category called “Contract Categories” and then created our own contract post types called “Public Contracts”. We then were able to associate whatever contract to whatever category. Thus enabling the categories to display their associated contracts.

The following is a breakdown of each created pod custom post type with their respective fields.

    • Name
    • Icon png/svg
    • Color Code
    • Contract Number
    • Contract Title/Description
    • Contract Categories
      • Ties into Contract Category POD/TABLE
    • Contract Manager E-Mail
    • FAQ PDF
    • Contract PDF
    • Products & services
      • Multiple pdfs
    • Promotions
      • Multiple pdfs (in time could be categorized blog posts)
    • News
      • Multiple pdfs (in time could be categorized blog posts)
    • Company Name
    • Associated Contract(s) – Ties into CONTRACT POD/TABLE
    • Price List PDF (Optional)
    • Sell Sheet PDF (Optional)
    • A Link to a Video (Optional)
    • Diverse Business pdf??? (Optional)
    • Marketplace Website Link (Optional)